Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle

Source BBC

Researchers have found more than 60,000 hidden Maya ruins in Guatemala in a major archaeological breakthrough.

Laser technology was used to survey digitally beneath the forest canopy, revealing houses, palaces, elevated highways, and defensive fortifications.

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5 Great Guatemalan Desserts

In my time in Guatemala, my sweet tooth was satisfied in a variety of ways. Guatemalan desserts or sweets are sometimes unconventional by US standards. Some are easily found from street corners and others in pastry shops, and all are delicious.

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World's Best Hike: Pacaya

Looming in the skyline just 20 miles from the metropolis of Guatemala City, 8,373-foot Pacaya is one consistently moody volcano (it’s technically a complex volcano, a caldera with multiple vents within its summit crater circumference).

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World's Top 5 Historical Sites to Visit

There are different civilizations exists in the world from the past at the very beginning of the origin of human being. Human being started from caves and gradually started developing arts & science skills. As a result of their developed skills several structures and wonders were constructed that even stands today as the famous historical monuments. These structures were the sensation of the ancient civilizations and being as the evidence of their existence.

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Healthy Typical Guatemalan Foods

Typical Guatemalan foods are healthy, full of vitamins due to the freshness of the ingredients, high in protein with black beans as a staple, eaten with rice and or corn tortillas to make complete proteins, and fiber added in unusual and delicious ways.

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