World's Top 5 Historical Sites to Visit

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Today you can find several historical sites around the world that reflects the ancient cultures. They are the proof for the existence of different civilizations and they let us know about their different culture, belief, strength and weakness. Through these places we can learn about the human history with the insight of the past generations.

The places that were identified as the historical sites were the sacred places for their respective civilizations. These places reveal the skills and living style of the people who lived there. Some of the historical places were still being a mystery and their living style, arts and science skills dynamically impressed the people and makes them wondering.

Being a great tourist spots these places impress the travelers on providing a lot to learn about the ancient civilizations. Here in this article you can get little information about the world's top five historical places which are most visited and a lot more impressive.

Machu Picchu - Southern Peru

Machu Picchu is an interesting city on a mountain in southern Peru. It is also known as the "Lost City of the Incas" which was the sacred place of Inca civilization. The place is well known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Relics of Machu Picchu including their temples, baths, houses etc are known as one of the most beautiful and mysterious historical thing in the world. The structures are still in great form as they were carved from the mountain granite. The amazing architectural and artistic sense of Inca people leaves the historians and archaeologists to wonder.

The Intihuatana stone is one of the great well preserved structures of Machu Picchu. This stone was used as an astronomical observatory. It is amazingly a very precise marker of dates and celestial periods. The remarkable preservation and impressive fascinating architecture makes it one of the top historical sites in the world.


Tikal - Northern Guatemala

Tikal is one of the best preserved historical sites located in northern Guatemala. It was one of the largest urban centers of the Maya civilization. You can learn about the glory of the Maya kingdom in the past from the monumental architecture in this location. The amazing architecture makes it one of the top sites in the world.


Pyramids - Giza

Pyramids at Giza are another top historical site which is a mystery for the people. Even today the modern world does not have the skills and technology to build such perfectly aligned structures. These pyramids were made by the Egyptians with huge stones that are aligned them precisely to the stars. There are chambers and solstices in the pyramids that are still unopened. These pyramids are the most impressive and popular among the top historical sites.


Angkor Wat - Northern Cambodia

Angkor Wat is one of the magnificent building and temples built by the Khmer empire. It is a temple in ancient Angkor that is one of the world's most amazing architectural pieces. This temple represents the Hindu cosmology and the Dravidian architecture. These temples were precisely built to align with the stars. The popularity of the structures of these temples and buildings makes them as one of the top historical sites.

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Easter Island - Chile

One of most mysterious, amazing historical sites and also one of the unpopulated islands of the world is the Easter Island. Easter Island is surrounded by monumental statues and is also known as "Isla de Pascua". Origin of Easter Island is still not known but some archaeologists suggest that it was inhabited by Peruvian civilization. The statues here are known as Moai statues and were symbols of the spiritual and political power of Peruvian civilization. These amazing structures are also one of the top historical sites in the world.


The above mentioned were a few and nearly about eight hundred places and structures were officially listed by the UNESCO as the world's historical places.

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