Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing global industries, creating significant employment and economic development, particularly in many developing countries. Tour Operators are an important part of the tourism growth and have led (in many cases) to an increase in the negative environmental and social impacts in tourism, from resource consumption, pollution and the generation of wastes.

As a tour operator we understand that we play a central role in the tourism industry, being the intermediary between tourist and tourism service provider. This unique role mean we can make an important contribution to furthering the goals of sustainable tourism development and protecting the environmental and cultural resources on which the tourism industry depends for its survival and growth.

UNWTO developed a Sustainable Tourism – Eliminating Poverty Initiative (ST-EP) which Maya Trails as a tour operator follows in social, economic and ecological aspects. Maya Trails operates its tours with activities that specifically aim to alleviate poverty, delivering development and creating jobs for the less fortunate communities in Guatemala.

Maya Trails not only is a 100% Guatemalan owned, but also when possible it seeks to work with local partners to enhance its local impact. As a responsible tour operator we understand that collaboration is the key element for the successful implementation of individual actions, so we also try to unite with other Guatemalan stakeholders to follow Maya Trails example in sustainability efforts.

Going beyond our operations we strive to work with local communities in tourism driven communities. In order to do this, we collaborate with Helps International a non-profit corporation that partners with individuals, businesses, corporations, local and national governments to alleviate poverty in Latin America, working primarily in Guatemala.

You can donate any contribution directly or through us, writing an email to our manager Annie Godoy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maya Trails understands the need of adopting sustainable measures in every aspect of our operation to preserve natural, cultural, human and economic resources. As a responsible tour operator, we understand that the multiplier factor will be greater if we work with local communities. Our sustainability policy revolves around four core areas below. Read our fullsustainability policy here.


  • Training on sustainability for staff and guides at least 3x per year
  • 100% of our customers are engaged by sharing our efforts on through authentic local and cultural experiences, volunteer opportunities and options to contribute to local NGO's.


  • Recycling station at the office
  • MT avoids non-recycled products at the office
  • Energy and water saving program in office
  • 2014 will offer travelers the option of offsetting carbon emissions


  • Partnership with the NGO HELPS for community development and environmental programs in tourist areas
  • Partnerships to promote and conserve cultural traditions
  • Our guides enhance the socio-cultural, heritage and archeological elements aspects of visiting Guatemala


  • We use local business (restaurants, shops, etc) to contribute to local economy
  • We use local guides to promote local talent
  • We try to use properties owned by Guatemalans to avoid profit leakage outside the country
  • 2014 - Will launch a supplier code of conduct to align supplier practices
  • 2014 - Pursuing sustainable certification


Maya Trails supports the following organizations through their operations:



Working to mitigate impacts on tourist destination, Lake Atitlan, Helps is collaborating with Amigos por el Lago and Rotary International to install stoves, water filters, latrines, clothes washing facilities. Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo is a leading partner in this initiative. All donations receive matching funds by Rotary International.



Working to preserve and strengthen one of the top tourist destinations in Guatemala City, we are currently helping the Ixchel Museum develop an extramural strategy whereby its exhibitions will tour multiple schools, shopping centers and other destinations. Donations can be received by US based Friends of the Ixchel Museum.

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